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Are you ready to create healing magic every day?

If you're fed up with the never-ending cycle of stress and unrest in your mind and emotions, pain and illness in your body, and trouble and unease in your life, then you're ready to find your truth, claim your healing magic, and create the life you came to live!


What would you create for yourself if you could heal the patterns that constantly sabotage your health and life?

You are divine energy incarnated in human form. Healing occurs when you courageously direct your energy toward your own highest good.

Are you ready to clear the patterns that keep you trapped and claim the power to create the life you came to live?

You choose how you perceive, define, and respond to your life. Transformation begins the moment you start changing what you believe and your energy shifts.

Learn how cleansing and balancing your four energy systems aligns you with your personal power frequency and allows you to manifest exactly what you want.


You have a faulty operating system, and it's not your fault

Right now, you're wired to create illness and unease in your body and life.

Your subconscious mind and your energy system are encoded with the beliefs that you've been creating through a lifetime of personal experiences, and right now you're reacting automatically to your life from that programming. It's causing you unnecessary stress, anxiety, and overwhelm...and it's creating dis-ease in your body and unease in your life.

You also have an deeply personal and unique Soul Blueprint (it'll be 26,000 years before anyone else has your exact pattern!) that's affecting you as it interacts with your current personal circumstances and what's going on at the Universal level...for better or for worse.

Here's the good news...

You can reprogram your mind and your energy into a healing vibration; you can access your Soul Blueprint to understand your personal truth; you can create a healing field for yourself every single day - body, mind, and spirit - and you can create the life you want. You can be your own healer.

Healing and manifesting begin with the same energetic process; when you learn how to do one, you know how to do the other. It all starts with understanding Divine Design so you can heal those decades-old patterns and move forward with consciously creating your life.


Meet Healing Magic! Your innate power to heal your life

You already know how to heal've just forgotten.

You are an infinite soul here in human form. Before you were conceived in the physical realm, your soul began preparing for this lifetime, creating a blueprint for you to follow to activate your soul-intentions and Purpose, then selecting things like genetics; date, time, and location of birth; and other souls to partner with to ensure your successful soul evolution.

The Divine Design for Soul Evolution

Your "self" is comprised of three interconnected parts: your physical form, your energy field, and your soul. Your energy field is the bridge between your human self and your soul self, and it's constantly sending and receiving information to shift things in every moment.

Your energy system developed alongside your emotional development in the first 21 years of your life as you learned to navigate your experiences in the physical world. Ideally, if you'd had only positive experiences early in life and had been given the knowledge contained within your Soul Blueprint to work with, you would have entered your twenties ready to step into your spiritual power and move forward with your soul-intentions and Purpose for this lifetime. From there, as your life moved forward, you would expand your spiritual power such that by the time you reached your forties, you would reach a level of mastery, and by your mid-fifties (and beyond), you'd step into a "wise soul" role.

But that's not what happened, is it?

Instead, you experienced wounds and traumas in childhood - whether they were intentional or unintentional - and you were taught to study and to work and to conform...and to get your head out of the clouds. You entered your twenties pretty confused and uncertain. From there, as your life moved forward, you continued to attract experiences that further reinforced your early wounds and traumas until you reached a point of deep unease.



Healing Magic 101: The 4 Gateways of Personal Power

Part One: The Power of Your Physical Body

Part Two: The Power of Your Mental Body

Part Three: The Power of Your Emotional Body

Part Four: The Power of Your Spiritual Body

Your physical body contains your Chakra system and energy meridians, and it's surrounded by your biofield. Your body is regulated by your endocrine system, your endocannabinoid system, your nervous system, and your microbiome. Each of these biochemical systems is intricately connected to and governed by your personal energy system.

Your mental body contains your brain, your mind (yes, they are two separate things), the enteric nervous system, and the intrinsic cardiac system. Your mental body is regulated by your brain-wave patterns, your four levels of consciousness, your gut health, and your heart field. They work in tandem to activate your intentions.

Your emotional body contains your experiences, your wounds and traumas, and your beliefs. Your emotional body is regulated by your Chakras, your heart field, your adrenals, and your subconscious mind. This is the deepest layer of encoding, and it's the first level of healing.

Your spiritual body contains access to the Divine, to your soul and soul blueprint, to your Akashic Records (past life information), and to luminous beings with whom you can work. Your spiritual body is regulated by your prayers, your soul contracts, cords, and partnerships, your karmic debts, your past life experiences, and your soul blueprint.

Once you bring all of these energies into alignment, you open up a powerful healing and manifesting field that's attuned to your personal power frequency.


If you had a healing magic expert available all the time, how fast could you heal and manifest the life you want?

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